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Appointment Scheduling

Appointment Cancelling, Rescheduling, Or Booking
Depending on your preference and needs we provide (5) different ways you can cancel, reschedule, or book future workout sessions.

Option #1: Appointment Cancellation & Request Form

You can find a form at the front counter which can be filled out and left for the office manager regarding any sessions you need to cancel or reschedule. This may be conducive for clients working out during early morning or evening times when the office manager is not present.

Option #2: MindBody App

At Shaping Concepts we use MindBody® software for all of our scheduling. You can download the MindBody app for your Android or Apple device to directly schedule workout sessions. The MindBody app can NOT be used to cancel, reschedule, or book sessions within 24 hours. Please contact the office manager for member access and password if you’d like to use the app.

Option #3: Phone

You may phone the gym directly at 843-971-8665 to make any appointments or changes to existing appointments. Please leave a message if the office manager is not available to answer your call. Also please call the gym directly when needing to cancel or reschedule with late notice.

Option #4: Email

You may email the office manager at contact us for new appointment requests, rescheduling or cancellation needs. Please do not use email to communicate late cancellation or rescheduling needs within 24 hours of your scheduled workout.

Option #5: In-Person

You may speak with the office manager at the front desk to coordinate any of your appointment needs during our regularly scheduled office hours.

Appointment Scheduling / Cancellation Policies

• If you have an early morning (6:00 or 6:30AM) workout session, which is the first scheduled workout of the day for your coach you may request to be provided with their cell phone number to contact directly with late notice of cancellation.

• For all other late cancellation notices (within 24 hours of your scheduled workout time) please call the gym directly at 843-971-8665. Do not use email for late cancellation notices.

• Please coordinate all scheduling through one of the above (5) options and not directly with your coach. We provide our coaches with scheduling assistance to minimize errors and/or double bookings.

• Appointments cancelled within 24 hours are subject to our 24 hour cancellation policy where you may forfeit the session as a late cancellation. All no-show appointments are forfeited.